Lucky Patcher

How Does Lucky Patcher apk work on Android Devices

Lucky patcher apk is an application which will have control over the apps installed in your Android device. By giving it the permission to control over your apps you can enjoy some features like delete excessive advertising, Create backup of your file and many more. Most importantly this app is for the rooted device.

Cracking patches has become so famous now. Especially for Android. Where people are so irritate of the ads that come with the apps they install. Basically lucky patcher apk is not designed for cracking purposes. But some of its features can control the piracy of the freemium apps. Also can manipulate the apps to block their unwanted ads in your device.

Lucky Patcher apk track all the apps install in your device. Analyze them, and and show you the activity you do with those app with lucky patcher. Also find out the possibility of removing license verification of any app.

It also detect the license verification of the Google play store apps. Change the permission, extract and create an apk file to do backups. It also removes the Google ads. And sometimes you may able to unlock some paid apps with it.

In lucky patcher apk you can see all your installed apps and what you can do with them. The indication is shown by color. The titles are in different colors and points out the activity you can do.


Lucky Patcher apk

Lucky Patcher apk Colors Indication

Green: Remove license verification- Register or disconnect from Google play.

Blue: Remove Google ads- Remove all the Google ads from the apps.

Yellow: Patch the file- Has a specific patch available.

Purple: Change the apps components- System starter app

Orange: Modify files- A system aps

Red: Can not be Modified.


Lucky Patcher apk

Till now Lucky Patcher apk is safe to use. May find problems with some gaming apps which contain some very secure process.

Although it is illegal to use. Maybe you will find complication while installing. Another problem is when you eliminating the permission some apps might become incompatible. But at the end you will find this app very useful. It’s just little bit info about Lucky patcher apk. You can do tons of things with this app.