Lucky Patcher

How to use lucky patcher Non rooted devices Step by Step

Rooted device is necessary for Lucky patcher apk. But you can also use this app in non rooted devices. There is just one problem. You may not get the full feature of lucky patcher non rooted device. But if device is rooted you can use all features easily. So i recommend use this app in rooted device.

In non rooted device you will just have few simple features. But those features are the best few features of lucky patcher. You are thinking if you can run the best features in non rooted device, then why root the device. I tell you in root device these feature will work perfectly. But in non rooted device these feature may not perform perfectly.

But there’s still a chance. So we are going to teach how to use-

Lucky patcher non rooted device Process.

Installation process:

  • Download the app from our site.
    download luckypatcher


  • Locate the app in your device and install.
  • Your device will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Then Accept and install

Step 1: Custom patch process: If you want to modify an app then

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on your desire app
  3. Select open menu of patches
  4. Tap on “create modified apk file”
  5. Select “custom patch applied apk”
  6. Press Apply, it will take some time.
  7. Now you have the modified apk file of that app
  8. Then go to modified file of lucky patcher
  9. Locate the app and select
  10. Tap on rebuild and Install

Lucky patcher non rooted

Step 2: Remove Google ads:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select your desire app
  3. Open menu of patches
  4. Then tap on “Apk without Google ads”
  5. It will take some time, because Lucky patcher will create a modified apk file
  6. After that rebuild the app.

Now you have Google ads free app!

LP- non rooted

Step 3: Remove License verification:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select your favorite app
  3. Go to menu of patches
  4. Select Apk without license verification
  5. Apply, and wait to finish
  6. Then again rebuild the app.

That’s it!

Lp for non rooted device

Step 4: Hack in- app purchase:

There process is same in both rooted and Non rooted device in this case. So know how to hack in app purchase with Lucky patcher.

Note: If the all process go perfectly you will see a window in green color and if fail it will be in red color.

Please Check Lucky Patcher Video Tutorial