Lucky Patcher

How To Use Lucky Patcher App – Remove Ads and License Verification

Lucky Patcher App gives user the opportunity to remove license verification option.This included in many app that requires them to download from Playstore in order to work. Also it extracts the apk file to do backup.  Remove Google ads from apps.

This app is simple and easy app to hack your Android apps. But hacking may lead you to the unstable condition of your apps. So try to backup your data before using it.

Use Lucky Patcher App to remove ads:

  1. Download and install the Lucky Patcher App

download luckypatcher

  1. Open Lucky patcher apk
  2. Select the app you want to remove ads from
  3. Select open menu of patches
  4. Then select remove Google ads
  5. A window will popup. Select patch to remove Google ads from there
  6. Select ‘Apply’ from bottom
  7. Patching will start. It will take some time
  8. After finished patching you will see the patch result
  9. Then Click launch and use the app ad free.

Lucky Patcher

Use Lucky Patcher App to remove License:

  1. Open the Lucky Patcher App
  2. Select the app you want to remove license from
  3. Go to menu of patches
  4. Then Select Remove license verification
  5. Patch to remove license verification
  6. Select Apply
  7. After few times later patching will end
  8. And launch the app.

Lucky Patcher App

*  But beware Lucky patcher apk only works on rooted devices.

This two methods of use is just the tiny part you can do with This app. But inside the app you will find more option or activity which you can perform with this app.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Deactivate ads
  • Remove license verification
  • Modify the associated permission
  • Remove Google ads
  • Create Apk backup file, also store them
  • Unlock paid apps, also install them in the device
  • Detect the originality of an app
  • Use colors to show the compatibility of an app

Lucky Patcher apk updates frequently because the apps for which this patch made update more often. So backdated patch may not work on them then. So download the latest version from below.


download luckypatcher